STARVİP(STV) Deflationary Token (One People – One Token)

STV has a smart burn system, the solution to Autostaking and inflationary blockchain economy.



SO what's STV features exactly?! Good question! check below

  • STV

    Community owned token

    From 100% of total supply STV, 50% burned (send to dead address) and other half deposited in Defi platform which means there is no Dev team address

  • STV


    The 5% tax fee split as a weighted distribution between all holders.

  • STV


    STV has 5% tax fee on all transactions to prevent price manipulation and encourage holding.

  • STV

    Memes Token

    We are here to have fun and know all cultures around the world without any prejudice and of course get awesome STV Tokens.


STV is a way to build a peaceful community around the world. The main goal of STV is to connect all people around the world without any limitation and no matter where you live!

Starvip (STV) is a deflationary token based on BNB's main net (BEP 20). Whenever a transaction is approved with STV, 5% of the transaction is distributed and removed from the total supply. Interested? check whitepaper for more info



Need help to buy your STV, Check below to see how you can buy your STV, and Btw, Welcome to the Starvip community! .

  • 1- Download MetaMask or use an existing wallet Head to and download their wallet to your phone or chrome/firefox browser.
  • 2- Transfer/BUY Some BNB COIN (BNB) You can but BNB from any exchange or trasnfer your BNB from other wallet. (Eth BEP-20 addresses start with 0x, you can see the address on metamask or your BEP-20 crypto wallet by clicking on Buy or Receive on Metamask/Crypto Wallet.)
  • 3- Connect and Select the STV token Click on Connect wallet and choose your wallet from Metamask. Choose BNB for "From" and click "select token". Click "Manage" at the botton and go to Token tab and STV token contract: 0x8ebcc7892d38a9d161ae14bbd997bc364d548c6d
  • 4- Adjust your slippage to 6% Click on the gear button and set slippage to 6%. If that gives you an error, increase the slippage to 7% or more.
  • 5- Swap BNB For STV Token Confirm with Metamask with accept Popup reuqest.
  • 6- Add STV Token to your Wallet Click "add token" in Metamask and in Custom Token enter contract address: 0x8ebcc7892d38a9d161ae14bbd997bc364d548c6d and click add token.

Starvip Map

Here is our Starvip Map for our upcoming projects. We mention ideas here. If you like to know every detail make sure to join Starvip Community groups and Check Checkpoint Section.


phase 1: Lauch STV Token and Prepare STV Docs and website. Phase 2: Community building and listing STV on Websites


Expand our services, such as STV eCommerce system , NFTs, crowdfunding platform, so on.


Q1 2022

Expand our partnership. Working on top selected projects rated with the Starvip community.


Check Points

Here you can check the Starvip community progress on ongoing projects.

  • Token launch
  • Website launch
  • Deploy onto Social Media Platforms and Community building
  • LP Token locked
  • Livecoinwatch Listings
  • Coindex Listings
  • Decentralized Exchange Listings
  • Security Audit
  • Build teams for Marketing, advising team, business development team and so on.
  • Uniswap Listings
  • eCommerce system
  • NFTs
  • Crowdfunding
  • Art
  • BNB and BSC bridge
  • Merchandise
Q1 2022
  • Partnership
  • community contests
  • TBD

Frequently asked questions

if you asked the same question, the answer is still the same, so just checkout below for common questions (hopefully before asking :D)

Starvip (STV) is a deflationary token based on BNB's main net (BEP 20). Whenever a transaction is approved with STV, 5% of the transaction is distributed and removed from the total supply. WHY STVA?!! Seriously? Because we ALL LOVE them, period! There are so cute They remind us of babies especially with their big eyes (the eyes are not that particularly big but the black patches around their eyes make them appear larger) round faces, snub noses and large heads (a large head and tiny body is much cuter than a tiny head and large body (like rats). There are so peaceful and naughty at the same time. Those definitions match our purpose and our goal for community that we called ourselves Starvip Finance. Btw, we are going to help our panda around the world.
Very good question, literary nothing! yeah, you heard right. You don't need to do anything or there is no requirement for getting 5% distribution. You only need to buy STV tokens and send them to your wallet. That's it. See, nothing too complex here for you.
Again, Another good question! (STV) is Token based on BNB so you can use any wallet that supports BNB and BEP 20 Tokens. Our suggestion is Metamask (Cunning fox :D). And how to secure your wallet, Ok let be serious for a moment, Each wallet gives you a 12-24 seed phrase. Those are your keys to all of your coins and tokens you keep in the wallet so NEVER EVER give those seed phrases to anyone! and DO NOT store them ONLINE or on your PC/Phone, Just write them down on paper and hide it. see, easyyyy :D
Gas refers to the fee, or pricing value, required to successfully conduct a transaction or execute a contract on the Ethereum blockchain platform. We all know Gas is high but sadly we can't do anything about it, yet. NO, (STV) is only on the Ethereum network. Be careful about clone(s) tokens on other networks.
Really ?! Is that your question?? :D, Nothing special. That the designer chooses. Of course, we hear your ideas that you share with us so we can make our community better and better in any specs. Again this is a community-owned Token/network, We all here have the power to talk and share our thought about projects.
Don't worry, just join our community group on social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Discord ..., and share your thoughts with others in the Starvip community. See you there my friends, and Don't Be shy
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